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Estates, Wills & Trusts

The practice of law has become somewhat like medicine; you would not want your child’s pediatrician treating your heart problems, so don’t hire just any attorney to help you plan for you and your family’s future.  Every attorney isn’t the same and you deserve an attorney who concentrates on the issues you need help with.

Estate Planning is a difficult subject for most people to discuss due to the very nature of the discussion, but in today's tax world there is a need to evaluate and plan in the event of one's disability or death.

I provide comprehensive estate, tax and gift planning for individuals residing in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  The planning opportunities I can help you by providing includes the following:

  • Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives/Living Wills
  • Federal and State Inheritance & Estate Tax Planning
  • Special Planning for Minor's or Person's with Disabilities
  • Disclaimer Trusts & Marital Deduction Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Residence Trusts
  • Charitable & Grantor Trusts
  • Domestic Trusts for Non-U.S. Citizen Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Small Business Succession Planning
  • Family Trusts & Minor's Trusts

Estate Administration is the process by which a decedent's assets, debts and responsibilities are administered through the county court system (Probate Clerk or Register of Wills) by an executor or administrator.

Generally, a person is appointed as the executor or administrator after filing to be appointed as such.  If you believe it is in your best interests to be appointed as the executor or administrator of an estate, or if you have been appointed to be the executor or administrator of an estate already, then I would be happy to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss how my office can help you in living up to your obligations and responsibilities as a fiduciary of the estate.  This process can be very straight forward, but the assistance of an attorney can help to ensure you do not miss a step or become personally liable for any mistakes that may occur through the process.

Estate Litigation is the result of a dispute between family members, beneficiaries, fiduciaries and/or the taxing authorities (Federal or State) regarding the administration of an estate or trust.

As a general philosophy, I attempt to evaluate and project the costs (emotional and monetary) of estate litigation versus the potential benefits to be received from such litigation.  Typically, estate litigation is the result of the death of a loved one and the resulting turmoil forever ruins the bonds between the fueding family members.  Rather than push a matter unnecessarily through litigation (for my benefit $), I appreciate the value of family and when possible I try to mend the family through tactful negotiations and settlement.

Additionally, based upon my experience in estate planning and estate administration, when necessary I am fully able and prepared to take a matter through to a full trial when necessary to protect your rights.